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Star Wars (tm) meet All Things Zombie.   

This was a game I played using Wizards of the coast's Star Wars miniatures, zombies from Fortress Figures, Copplestone and some Wizards of the coast D&D miniatures and Two hour wargames All things zombie rules. 

Terrain was made from dollar store stuff and some empty CD spindles.

The most expensive thing on the table was the table cloth which cost 10 dollars cdn

On the edge of the Lucas Galaxy (Far Far Away from here) the rebellious faction has lost contact with one of their smaller bases, a search party is sent to investigate.

    A thorough scan of the planet from orbit finds no indications of the evil empire (I don't mean GW), nor any form of life other than plants.

    Lieutenant Brash decides to land and investigate, and if possible to retrieve the sensor logs from the base’s computer, unfortunately they don’t have a layout of the base, so they will have to search the entire base. 

The rebellious base.

     The Rebells land and move towards the base, the Lieutenant decides if they run into trouble it would be best if they had a many guns as possible and orders the pilots to join them.

    A short walk later they arrive at the base and begin to search it.
Nothing turns up outside so the Lieutenant orders the search of the first building.

  Rebells preparing to search the first building.

3, 2, 1 go, go. Go!

     Three rebells enter the building, quickly taking up positions on either side of the door. Inside they find four dishevelled survivors hiding in the darkness, they rush forward to embrace their rescuers, but wait somethings wrong.



    The entry party is momentarily surprised, but the more experienced operatives get off some hasty shots. But are surprised that their attackers seem to shrug off theirs hits, they are further surprised when two of the monsters knock down their colleague and start eating him.

   They race back outside, yelling incoherently, the Lieutenant begins to chide them for their lack of proper military bearing when the door to the hut opens again allowing one monster out, inside he sees the missing man laying in the doorway being eaten by more of the monsters. The exiting monster looks like his ex-wife’s lawyers and without a second thought yells “blast it”, his men interpreting it as an order dutifully open fire, 16 shots whine out, the monsters is pushed back by the impact of the laser rounds but immediately begins to rise.


  They need more time on the firing range.

“Where’s annoying moaning coming from?” says the Lieutenant looking around and “Oh!”

The firing has awoken more of them.


  They’re everywhere!

   The Zombies (one of the more superstitious rebells calls them, animated by the Dark Side of The Force™ he claims) move into to claim more victims.

  “Steady Lads, their clubs and claws are no match for our blasters”

“Someone should tell them, Lieutenant!.”


“Hold!    Hold!”

“Lieutenant’s down, can we go now?!”


How ‘bout now!?”

“Hell Yes!”

   Their Lieutenant dead the surviving pilot and his two comrades run behind the building away from the salivating horde.

  More zombies are attacking the rearguard, fortunately they’re mostly dead or down.


“We’re here to help”


“C’mon the way is clear”


“Lookout!   Behind you!”


“Hurry up, more are coming!”


“Tell me about it!”

  The pilot’s two comrades are caught behind the building and are

swarmed under by multiple zombies, maybe their sacrifice will allow the pilot to escape.

Or maybe not!


“That’ll learn ’em to mess with a rebell pilot”

 The rebell pilot and one of the rearguarding rebells make a break for the table edge, leaving the other rearguard locked in melee, the zombies swarm towards him as he is the closest live meat.



“Just these two and we’re clear!”

“Lets go!”

   The pilot and a Rebell trooper race for freedom (table edge), but a series of horrible activation rolls see the rebells stuck at the edge of the table.

  …meanwhile back at the rear guard the lone rebell, after a thermoplayian last stand sucumbs to the zombie horde.

Some zombies stop for a quick bite, but others move on.


Oh so close!

Here they come!

“This it it!”


The End.


Contrary to the rules company's name this game took about 3 hours to play,

The only REP 5 figure was the second to die, the only REP 3 was the first.

                 I  thought the pilot and the lone rebell would make it off the table, but they could not move for the last four turns, either they won activation, but couldn’t move. The last three activation rolls were Rebells 5, 6, 5, to the Zombies 1, 2, 3.

                      What did the rebells in was their lack of Hand-to-Hand capability, they only had a melee impact of 1 from clubing zombies with their blasters. Sixteen shots on one zombie helped cause their demise, by creating a large number of zombies early on. 

What I did wrong:

                 My thinking shooters needed a 1 to OD a zombie (thank you 5150), it only had to be < impact; in this case a 1 or a 2 for the rebell troopers and the commandos, probably had an effect, they might have been able to thin the zombies out a little before contact.

               I also thought once a human was involved in melee he had to fight until one or the other was down, I later learned that the human could have broken off the melee at any time.