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Sir Prufrock gathered his men-at-arms, and raised the local levy. _n_Stony_Places_OOB03.JPG _n_Stony_Places_OOB02.JPG

He positioned his men-at-arms in the building on the hill with the MMG team dug in behind them and himself on the end of the other hill, covering the road with levies dug in on either side of him.
Looking North. _n_Stony_Places_Setup03.JPG
The Republican Lt. looking Southwards into the Barony saw only this. _n_Stony_Places_terrain05.JPG

The Republicans arrives. _n_Stony_Places_Setup04.JPG
The APCs move into the road and bring the levies under fire, one of the Apc's takes so much fire the passengers bail out and take cover in the trees.

The Republican infantry have gone to ground in the face of concentrated fire from the MMG team and the levies.

They take a beating but show they can also dish it out.

Turn 2 begins with most of Sir Prufrock's troops tending seriously wounded troops, unfortunately the Republican are likewise engage, but some units move up to the gully in preparation of crossing while one actually begins crossing. The Lt. checks the status of the fire team.

One APC prepares to cross while the other moves to lay down covering fire.

Turn 3: The Lt has done first aid on the fire team he was "aiding", he rolled three 1's and a 2 so 4 KIA. The Main body of Republican infantry begins to cross. 2 teams pin before they can even move.

The First team to cross makes into the Levies position, behind Sir Prufrock, but lose the reaction roll off, Prufrock turns and opens fire with 9 Dice, the Republicans also pass their morale and then have an equally crappy return fire.

Turn 4: The leading fire team again engages Sir Prufrock in an ineffective fire fight, Infantry exit the the gully as does the Halftrack but promptly has it's Gunner killed and decides discretion is the better part of valour, then reinforcements arrive for Sir Prufrock.

Turn 5: The Republican infantry and the APC fire at the men-at-arms units in effort to reduce their numbers, they have some success.
Then the Order of the Phoenix counterattack.

and someone actually has time to set off the fertilizer mine.

Turn 6: Game over, with 15 KIA, 10 Seriously wounded, 3MIA, 1 vehicle destroyed and the other about to be, the Republic call of their Probe.