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Just another day in shinbone

Wild-West action using "The Rules With no Name". The scenario was supposed to be a two team action, Cops and Bank employees versus the two teams of Robbers who had slightly different agendas, but it turned into just plain killing, the bank employees stayed in the bank shooting anyone who moved, the cops tried to maintain order by killing anyone who wasn't a banker or bystander (though they did manage to capture one criminal who waslater shot by his own side) and even a prisoner whose buddies dropped him a pistol through the cell window (Prisoner shot while attempting to escape) The Bankers held everyone at bay for almost ever, until a shopkeeper turned outlaw ran into the street with granny's shotgun and emptied both barrels into the front window, killing everyone inside.

(All Photos By Wim Oudshoorn, All figures Rich Brooks')

A bystander has just come out of the .45 caliber Saloon and Courthouse

A Villainous Clerk collecting his Shotgun.

These desperados are on their way to the bank to make a "No Book Withdrawal"

The Sheriff is arresting this Hombre, he just emptied both pistols at the sheriff (he missed) and is now throwing away his empty hoglegs.

Can't let the sheriff lock up his Buddy, so this blurry guy guns him (his Buddy that is) down.

Sheriff looking for the man who killed his prisoner.

The Legendary preacher man attempting to convert a heathen, it doesn't work so he sends him to god for immediate judgment.

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