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Imperial Raid - a 5150 game 

   The Stormtroopers used the GP Star Army QRS.

All have Hard Body Armor, are Slow and have Comm links.

They had 12 figures in 2 squads of 6, 2xREP 5 Officers, 8xREP4’s, 2 REPx3s, All with Laser Carbines ROF 1, IMPACT 4 vs SB range 24” can double range but then half IMPACT.

    The Rebels used the GP Planetary Defense Force QRS

All have Soft body armor.

Potentially had 11 figures (they only got 10) 3xREP 3’s one of which had a Rapid Bire Blaster ROF 3, IMPACT 3 vs HB range 48”, and 8xREP 4’s one of which had a Rapid fire blaster, everyone else had Laser carbines , ROF 1.  IMPACT 3 vs HB range 24” can double range but then half IMPACT.

   The encounter would be a Raid (adventurer version) with a time limit of two actual hours, after that time the rebels are assumed to be able to raise enough troops to overcome the raiders. The table was 8’x4’ with three buildings and a pair of vehicles, which may or may not have keys in them, at the far end. The rebels would be placed via the “Contact table”, “Here come the rest of them” or “The uncleared building draw”, the Stormtroopers enter the end opposite the compound. 

   The uncleared building draw: When the Imperials enter an uncleared/unvacated building, they draw a number of cards from the reinforcement pile equal to the Encounter Rating +1 and every red card would be an enemy figure (chosen randomly) in the building which would then roll on the awareness table.

    For this game I decided that the Ecounter Rating would be 3 and the rebels were in a safe area.

    The objective was for the Stormtroopers to move to the buildings, search them for the computer that had the Secret plans in it, download them and exit the table.

   The computer with the plans in it is unknown to the Empire so when they are in the first building with no rebels currently in they roll a D6 on 1 or 2 the plans are in it, the second building they are in it on a 1-3, If they are not in the second building they will be in the third building. 

   The vehicles may (1-3) have “the keys” in them otherwise they must be hot-wired Rep –1 1D6: pass 1 it starts, Pass 0 try again next activation.

Explanation of terms:

OoF: Out of the Fight So badly wounded as unable to take any more actions in the game. 

OD: Means Obviously dead

An Imperial remnant force has heard about the restored Republic’s secret weapon, information on which is located on a computer somewhere in their base an Lucas VII.


   Two squads of Stormtroopers are sent on the raid, obtaining the data is highest priority. They covertly move towards the base, just on the other side of the hill. The S.I.C. (Stormtrooper In Charge) sends a REP 3 forward to scout i.e. draw fire.

Contact! He is successful. Three rebel troopers are located in the woods, unfortunately one of them has a Rapid Fire Blaster.


 The S.I.C. orders the rest of his squad forward, while the other squad moves up on their right, obviously not the best plan. (3 figures prone, 3 knocked down, 1 OoF and 1 OD) at this point I decided stormtroopers would never go prone unless knocked down (because they’re arrogant).


The Stormtroopers get first activation, 2 troopers that were knocked down go OoF, everyone else rises and moves forward, killing 1 Reb, OoFing another and driving the out of ammo RF Blaster deeps into the woods, but not before he OD‘s another Stormie.


 Two Stormtroopers spread out and move into the woods after the RF blaster, unfortunately they didn’t spread out enough and a quick burst drives them back, out of the woods. The second squad of Stormtroopers move towards the compound.


The RF Blaster, feeling out numbered decides to fall back towards the compound, unfortunately one of the flanking Stormtroopers has LOS and opens fire putting him OoF.


All the rebels dealt with, with the Stormtroopers move to the compound


Finaly some of the other rebels have heard the blaster fire and come to the rescue. Luck put them 12” behind the Stormtroopers and they activated first so… 1 OoF Stormtrooper S.I.C. and 1 Run Away!

 Two Stormtroopers act as rear guard while the remnants prepare to search the first building.

 Of the three stormtroopers that entered the building 1 is dead, 1 is fled and 1 meleeing the lone rebel that was in the building.

    The Officer is unable to deal with this rebel alone, so summons assistance from out side and together they manage to knock him down. They attempt to tend to his wounds, but he is too far gone, so they just shoot him. They then check the computer in this building and ….the plans aren’t in it..


Meanwhile…. back with the rearguard, the Stormtroopers figured they were safer hiding behind these rocks than they were amongst the trees, but unfortunately they have allowed the rebels to get LOS on the compound which causes problems for the searchers as a rebel comes in sight, the REP 3 stormie in the open Ducks Back, even with the Leader die, but the leader shoots and puts the rebel scum OoF.


The Leader rallies the REP 3 and they move towards the second building again and another rebel comes into sight and the same thing happens again this time, except the officer misses the rebel but fortunately the rebel passes 0 on the received fire while in the open, so he Runs Away! The officer is unable to rally the REP 3 stormie this time and he Runs Away! The stormies behind the rock move forward to deal with the last good order rebel and it ends up with him OD, but then the fleeing rebel comes into sight of them and they pass 1 on the “in sight check” and duck back, they later pass 0 on the Duck back/recovery table and THEY Run Away!


At this point there is only 1 figure in play, a  REP 5 Stormtrooper officer, every other figure is OoF, OD  Running Away or has already Run Away! However he’s got a mission, so he carries on. Fortunately this Building is unoccupied and it has the Computer he is looking for, He hacks in, gets the info and exits.


Just then more rebels reinforcements arrive, and see him leaving the building; the 2 REP 3’s duck back and the REP 4 takes a shots but misses.


The officer loftily ignores the shot (passes 2) and carries on moving to a nearby vehicle. He checks and the Keys are in it! The Rebels recover and move to get an angle on the vehicle.

 But they are too slow and the officer flys away! Mission accomplished!

 Aftermath: 1 Stormtrooper OD,  5 OoF and left for the Rebels to care for, and 5 fled, not a good showing for whoever is ruling the remants of the Galactic Empire.