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Fantastan History

   A Portugeuse explorer discovered the large island midway between Madagascar and Austrailia, but it was so far off the trade winds and its location was badly sighted that it was largely thought to be a figment of the explorer's rum soaked imagination. English map makers were so dismissive of its exsistance that they even refused to draw it on their charts, and when it was mentioned they derided its exsistance and called it Fantasy Land which morphed into Fantasistan when it was rediscovered, by a reliable British captain (who at the time of finding it had been drunk for 8 days in a row) that for some reason was well off the regular trade routes and had been heading straight into the wind for a solid week.

   In the mid 1820`s Europeans eventually rediscovered Fantasistan and while passage to the island is very difficult for sailing vessels, steamships can easily make the voyage, the sea around the Southern portion of the island is difficult due to its shallow rock filled coastline and pointless as there is nothing South of Fantasistan (except the South Pole), the Norther portion of the island was navagable and the land was relatively flat, so a few colonies, little more than resupply stations with few farms nearby, sprang up to support the powers on their ways to the more lucrative colonies.

   There seemed to be little trade between the native Fantasistani and the European colonists at first, until it was revealed that locals were trading diamonds for guns with the govenors of the different colonies for use in their wars against the NGulu and each other, still it was a small thing and mainly overlooked, until the "Van Beers Affaire" in which a ship that had been seized by pirates was retaken by HMS Profitable (an ironically well named ship) during the Prize Survey, a large chest (6x8x6 cubic foot) was discovered, hidden in the bilge, full of high quality uncut diamonds and a Private letter between IaDoka' na King of the NGulu and Henried Van Beer, the gist of which was an apology for the small shipment of diamonds, there had been a disease which had apparently swept through the diamond "pickers" (which was later translated correctly as miners), but the story got out that you could go for a walk in NGululand and pick up diamonds as you went. Soon a flood of diamond hunters flooded into Fantasistan and without NGulu permission crossed into the kingdom and began looking for diamonds, killing the local Ngulu that had obviously "hidden" the diamonds from them, when Ngulu constabuls tried to detain them, they usually resisted resulting in a many Ngulu dead, eventually the NGulu closed their borders to all Europeans, which the diamond hunters ignored, but this time the Ngulu had army units nearby and mainy Europeans were killed. The European powers protested this murder of their citizens, and vowed to settle the Ngulu arrogance once and for ever.

The NGulu

  The NGulu are the indigenous inhabitants of the Kingdom of NGululand, the Southern portion of Fantasistan. Until recently have had little direct contact with any of the European Powers, even though they live on a coast. Unfortunately or fortunately for them their coast line is mainly high cliffs with its rivers emptying into the sea via waterfalls. There was little of interest to the European powers, until it was revealed that the Van Beers family fortune came from NGulu diamonds.

NGulu Army List

Unit Type Recruiting Roll Class REP Open Mob Notes
Royal Warriors 2 Melee 5 12" 12" + 1d6 in melee, Ferocious
Elite Warriors 3-4 Melee 5 12" 12" + 1d6 in melee, (1) medicine man
Veteran Warriors 5-7 Melee 4 12" 12" + 1d6 in melee, (1) medicine man
Untested Warriors 8-9 Melee 3 NA 12" + 1d6 in melee, (1) medicine man
Rifle armed Warriors 10 Ranged 4 12" 12" 10 Figure unit, success on 1 only
Mounted Spearmen 11 Melee 4 24" 24"  
Mounted Spearmen 12 (1-5) Melee 5 24" 24"  
Artillery 12 (6) Ranged 4 1-4" NA  

Medicne man: A unit leader that also makes the unit Ferocious, if the leader is lost so is the Ferociousness. There may never be more than 3 on the table at anyone time.

Ngululand History.

   The Ngulu satrted off as one of many warring tribes inhabiting the High Savanah of Fantasistan but won a series of wars mainly due to the M`Baka plant which when refined into a powder, which their medicine men, who guard its secret very well, issued before battle making their warriors extremely ferocious. Eventually the NGulu were able to defeat and eventually assimilate most of the other tribes, a few tribes on the the fringes of NGululand still make occaisional raids to regain their supremecy, but were unable to make much headway before the European arrived.


   The largest of the displaced tribes, one of the tribes defeated by the NGulu which refused to swear fealty to the NGulu and therefore driven off the High Savanah. The first of the locals to make contact with the Europeans, they quickly came into conflict with them a series of incidnets lead to a peace with them since at the time the europeans had little interest in Fantasistan.