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Robbery In Shinbone

The Robbers having helped themselves to the payroll in the bank decide it is time to leave, but wait, there is the Sheriff just coming around the corner.

The working inhabitants of Shinbone not having been paid and being several months in arrears decide its time they deal with the robbers in the style required of them by the code of the west. One Brave (or stupid ) citizen steps into the street to confront the thieves.

The Bandits make their way out of town amidst the bullets meanwhile the citizens race to head 'em off at the pass so to speak. The one brave (or Stupid) citizen is laying dead in the street, the robbers are now murderers.

Jeb lays dead or dying in the dirt, Clint covers the street while Ike and Ringo head for the outskirts of town. the Sheriff and the good citizens of Shinbone converge on the felons.

All the Robbers are down and quite settles over the town of Shinbone, but wait what is that coming over the hill behind the Saloon.

There they are coming into town to avenge one of the people that was hanged the other day, for merely rounding up some straying horses.