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Building Buildings

   Every town requires buildings of some sort, and since they are quite expensive I decided to make my own, I started off with standard Foam-core constructions, Like the Assayer's or the Sheriff's office

   For details on their construction see Major General Tremorden Reddering's page and it produced quiet nice buildings, my only problem with them was the large amount of space the walls took up in a small structures Its about a 1/4" thick so on a 4"x6" building the interior is 3.5"x 5.5" which is OK, but when the buildings get smaller you have considerably less interior and since most of my building are of the smaller 3-4" x 3-5" something else was required.

    Since they are easily found and quiet cheap I then tried making the buildings out of Popsicle (a.k.a. Craft) sticks and the buildings are quite sturdy and look OK

A plain popsicle stick structure.

but it is difficult to place the doors and especially the windows at the proper heights.

   I then had the idea of putting new siding on the buildings I made out of popsicle sticks. I got some Bristol (art?) board from the corner store and cut out the doors and windows, lightly scoring the side that would be the exterior to look like planks or siding, I had to make some of the holes for the windows larger, so I could get a more proper look. I then glued the new exterior onto the popsicle stick buildings, paint, and voila!. I looked upon it and it was much better.

The same Building as in the previous picture but with new siding

   So I decided to see if I could make them easier, now I get a single piece of Bristol (art?) board, draw all four sides of the building plus a gluing tab (so you can glue it), then position and cut out the windows and doors, score the outside to simulate planking, cut popsicle sticks (I use a little saw that came in an knock-off Xacto knife set) set and glue them on the inside, at the corners, along the tops and bottoms of each side, leaving gaps for the doors and around the edges of the doors and windows.

Exterior of Orr's Hotel at the beginning. 

Interior of Orr's Hotel with popsicle stick bracing, just needs some more around the windows, the doors are in place. Also shows what happens if you don't have a cutting mat.

Base, paint and add details like window frames, posters signs, et al. The stairs were made separately and added after construction. I don't detail the inside of my buildings, but if I did I would add an interior of Bristol (art?) Board to which I would add printed interiors.

Shingle alignment