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Hedgerow Hell

by SkirmishCampaigns”


A very small WWII Skirmish played using “Disposable heroes” by Iron Ivan games in which a squad of American Infantry with support from a Sherman Tank, a medium machinegun team and a two-man bazooka team try to fend off two squads of German infantry with a platoon command section, a 50mm mortar and a Heavy Machinegun team. The game was played in 1/72nd scale all infantry from Italeri (ESCI recasts), Revell Germans and Imex Korean War US, the tank is Armourfast's m4a3 76mm armed Sherman.


The objective is for the American player to deny control of the ruined building to the German player for 8 turns.


The playing area is 3’x3’. All woods are light, Fog limits visibility to 12”, the ruined building and stone walls are -4ACC/+4ML terrain, the Boccage is

-3ACC/+3ML, the brown cloth represent waist high crops and gives -1ACC/+1ML. As Disposable heroes does not usually have terrain effects for infantry movement I had to create some for the boccage and they are as follows; vehicles may not cross (unless cullin hedgerow device equipped), infantry may only cross if they start their movement in contact with the hedgerow or are falling back or routing.


Initial American start positions


Initial German start positions


American infantry driven from the Boccage by the concentrated fire of the Germans.


The Germans advance almost unopposed across the field towards the ruined building.


Americans wait behind the Boccage for the Germans advancing through the woods towards them. The American MMG duels with a German LMG team behind the stone wall.


Germans sneaking up next to the boccage to prepare to assault the slowly recovering American infantry .


The Sergeant with the BAR team moves to reinforce the pinned defenders of the building, as the MMG opens an ineffective fire on the rifle team in the woods.


The Germans move their HMG forward to support the upcoming attack on the building.


Massed fire has driven the American infantry from the building, the German rifle team having eliminated the US MMG flanks the tank.


The American are down to only seven figures (three of which are double pinned on the wrong side of the boccage)  and one tank.


German infantry clamber atop the Tank and blow its turret off with well placed grenades.


   What the Germans did not know was the American tank was immobilized and it had no ammo for its interior turret weapons (i.e. Gun and Co-axial MG) so it could only fire its Bow MG into its front Aspect and its top mounted .50 caliber MG (360°).