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Panzer Ace

A scenario from the Skirmish campaigns "Heroes of Omaha and Panzer Lehr" booklet slightly modified. The modification I made changed the whole feel of the scenario, I replaced the two feet of nothingness with two feet of playable map. Which forced the Germans to spend 5 turns crossing it (its a 10 turn long scenario).

I rolled for attachments for both sides and both sides got the attachments with flamethrowers. The American Flamethrower team would have gotten a unit citation if any of them had lived. The German flamethrower got one shot off and did nothing.

American forces in the orchard dueling it out with Nazis behind boccage.

The field I added that changed the battle ,

The lightly armored M10 Parks in front of the Panther and is trying to get acquisition first, it does but bounces it shell off the Panther.

The Panther retaliates and doesn't bounce its shell.

The Panther moves past its burning victim and gets behind the US 57 mm anti tank gun, and is guarding his sides exit.