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Lt Cuomo's Advance

   This battle is from Mark Fastoso's Colonial Campaigns: Ethiopia 1887-1896 book, and is about all I can do with the native figures I currently have painted. Mark's scenarios are played using "The Sword and the Flame" but his units are smaller than normal, 8 infantry, 6 cavalry or 2 gunners.

To win the the Abyssinians must accumulate 5 points, 1 point per unit that exits off the Italian-Eritrean table edge and 1 point for each turn it controls the hill.

Italian Askari move onto the hill to support the gun, all under the watchful eye of Lt. Cuomo (mounted). The oncoming Abyssinians are visible in the distance.

The Askari and gun dominate the center of the battlefield so the Abyssinians attack the Eritreans on the flanks

The lone unit of Eritreans on the left flank is confronted with 4 spear-armed Abyssinians units, one of with is trying to wet its spears.

The Eritreans on the left are defeated by the Abyssinians.

On the left things the situation is improving, even though there is nothing between the Abyssinians and their exit edge, because most of the units on that flank are heavily depleted and will likely disperse. Things are going better on the right flank and even though it has been forced back, it is managing to stop the the Abyssinians.