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Rear Guard

This game was a solo play test of a set of rules I cobbled together from several other rules sets and Talonsoft's computer games. It features my French versus my Austrians. It was also a chance to play with my new camera (digital of course)

The main Austrian defensive position

The main French body.

Both armies depicted French on the right

The French move forward and take some disruption from Austrian artillery.

The French reach the summit of the left hill where the Austrians await them, the Austrian heavy cavalry prepares to clean the front of the right hill of living Frenchmen.

But the French artillery firing at long range disperse it.

The French smash the Austrian line on both hills.

The Austrians reform and push back the French Spearhead.

The Austrian guns on the road crush the French advance on the left

Austrian Reinforcements begin streaming onto the battlefield.

French reinforcements begin arriving.

Austrian and French cavalry clash on the hill

The French Commander in chief urges his Guard units forward.

The brave Austrians have decided they have had enough and begin to leave the battlefield