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You are now entering the world of Colonial gaming plastic style

   Why plastic figures for colonial gaming when there is much more variety in lead? Probably because I am cheap, and I had some that came boxed with my rules (3rd edition of The Sword and the Flame) and then saw some more ESCI Zulu on an Amazon Z-Store for 1$ a bag so I got 15 of them, Heads rolled to make up a unit of British lancers and another of British Dragoons and 8 artillery figures. I now had a huge Zulu army of over 15  units each of 20 figure, plus 30 or so with firearms

   For a while I was content, but the games quickly got repetitive, Zulu spearmen throwing themselves at lines of British infantry while some odd Zulus "took potshots" at the redcoats and either they (the Zulu) would take horrendous casualties but get  into melee and inflict enough casualties to render the British unit ineffective or they would be pinned and shot apart the next turn.

   I decided to to try a different setting like NWF or the Sudan  and since all my terrain is for 1/72nd scale it would be in that scale.

   I started out using "The Sword and the Flame" and then moved on to "Colonial Adventures" from Two Hour Wargames, because they work better for solo play.

The Sword and the Flame games

Lt. Cuomo's Advance

Colonial Adventures games

Patrol in N'Gululand  Officially added to the 2 Hour Wargames site Battle reports section

The History of the land I will conduct my "Colonial Adventures" campaign in (if I ever do one)

History of Fantasistan Work in Progress