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The Napoleonic Page

    This was my first area of interest (well the one I actually bought figures for), I started off in a very unusual scale 6mm, because that was all my local hobby store had in stock. I started off using Avalon Hill's Napoleon's Battles, because it allowed me to fight large battles with a relatively small number of figures.

    Since "Napoleon's Battles" basing didn't accommodate 6mm figures ( I could have used the 15mm size bases and added more figures, which defeats one of the attractions of this scale, or I could have left a lot of open space on the base, which is visually unappealing) so I went for a compromise solution. 

   I doubled all measurement numbers and changed the unit of measurement from inches to centimeters, Example: BrLN have a 5" range, in my conversion they shoot 10cm, I then copied the wheeling chart at 80% of normal size (which is what it works out to). Another benefit is I can fit a the standard 9'x5' table onto a 7'x4' table. Except for the wheeling template, there is no need for special measuring devices, just find some metric ones (easy everywhere 'cept U.S.A.)

Base sizes 
              width x depth in millimeters
Infantry:               15x20 or 20x20
Cavalry:               20x40
Artillery:               30x20
Div General:         20x20
Corps General:     25x25
C-in-C:                30x30


French Troops

Anglo-Portuguese Troops

Austrian Troops

Battle for the Crossroad